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Here you can find more details about our landscaping services.

Lawn Mowing

At momentum we understand the need to have a clean and well-maintained lawn, that's why we take the time and care needed to ensure you have the property of your dreams. By Mowing in a specific pattern to ensure an even finish. Creating clean edges with our finishing tools and providing what ever needed seed and weed deterrents.

Lawn Mower


We use only the best locally sourced sod to ensure it matches your lawn needs, with a step-by-step guild on how to care for your new lawn properly. With momentum, sod is done right the first time.

Image by Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg

Fall Clean Up

We offer a fall clean-up service as we know how hard it can be to manage a property that requires a lot of fall maintenance. From removal of leaves to preparing the flower bushes for winter.

Image by Matt

Pressure Washing

Momentum will keep your outdoor spaces looking pristine. With our pressure washing service, we can remove tough grime and overgrowth on stone quickly. We offer clean-up of stone, driveways, house siding, decks, walkways and more.

Image by Alex Perez
Image by Robin Joshua

Debris Removal

With our debris removal service, we can make your backyard a safe and clean space for friends and family to get together for those summer BBQs and back yard soccer games. We can remove stumps, fallen trees, rocks, unwanted bushes etc. anything you don't want to be in your yard momentum can ensure it will be taken care of.


If you have an idea or outdoor space dream momentum would love to hear it, at the momentum we are all about making sure the customer is happy with our services, feel free to contact us at any time to start planning your outdoor dreams.

Image by Sincerely Media
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